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It is beginning to come together and for this reason, I have given it an 8.

"I was scared to show people who I really was because I was afraid that they would reject me.

When Tristan says that Maya always has "some poor guy on the hook," Zoë remarks if Maya is "one of those girls" and says that if Maya ditches him for some guy that she'll be right there with him; hinting that she intends to steal Tristan away from Maya as a best friend.

Seeing the subtle imply, Maya reveals that her character is going to get killed off on West Drive, leaving Tristan shocked.

However, as her habit of self-harming intensified and she couldn't fake her relationship with Winston any longer, she was forced to finally embrace her true self, and came out to Winston as gay.

Maya is soon let in when meeting Miles, who gives her and her friends each backstage passes for the concert.

When Maya retorts that she's the one who got them both backstage, Zoë remarks that her "boyfriend" was the one with the free access.

When Maya assures him that Miles is with the band, the bouncer reveals he actually isn't and calls for security.

Zoë blames the entire mess on Maya, despite that she was actually the cause for everything.

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