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It is hard to overstate the effect of the building on your sense of dimension and place.You walk into a lobby that is half-Vegas, half-Vatican, a vaulting altar of brass and obsidian that soars halfway to heaven, where they serve dark-roast.

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I watched people take vacations, and they're .Trump tells the story of being dragged by the nose to join Fred on his rounds collecting rents."We'd go on jobs where you needed tough guys to knock on doors," he says."My brother and I are probably the only sons of billionaires who can operate a D-10 Caterpillar." "I did less-than-glamorous internships in sweltering New York — the South of France wasn't an option," says Ivanka in her immaculate office next door to Don Jr.Together with Eric, the third of Trump's kids by his first wife, Ivana Trump (he has two younger children by subsequent wives), his three grown offspring handle his vast portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts.

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