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The object of your desire might not even be someone you're dating.

Regardless of your "friend", "follower" or relationship status, you've most likely spent some time "researching" your love interest on social media.

If you share a play-by-play of your love life, you're put in the uncomfortable position of having people ask you about your love life even when it takes a turn you'd rather keep to yourself.

It might be worth it to you if the relationship lasts for a significant amount of time, but what if it doesn't?

It doesn't help to bring more love into your life, but usually has the opposite effect - of bringing more anxiety and unhappiness. How about those clearly bitter people who are pessimistic about love and freely share their bitterness?

It's an easy trap to fall into - sharing your every dating up and down with the world with a few keystrokes, after all - you've sat and observed the chronicles of everyone else's love life.

It turns out that the more people compared their own lives to the lives of their Facebook friends, the more likely they were to experience depression.

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The bottom line is, social media is a great tool for staying connected to others, promoting your business or sharing yourself and your ideas with the world.And who is that Facebook friend of his who's always commenting on his updates with a winking emoji? Here are some ground rules to simplify your love life and help you keep your sanity. The current habit of instantly connecting on social media when you meet someone you're romantically interested in is one that needs to end.Same goes for connecting your Instagram feed to your online dating profile.Have you ever found yourself going down the social media rabbit hole that leads you to knowing where all members of your new girlfriend's family live and what they've named their children?In your heart, you probably know this is too much information too soon. If things work out between you, you will eventually find out all you need or want to know about his nieces and his prom date.

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