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In theory, this is this reason that any form of sexual pleasure unlikely to result in a population increase (e.g.

masturbation, homosexuality, oral/anal sex) has routinely been denounced as wrong.

Condemnation of masturbation is as old as fertility-worship and is probably based on early man’s realization that there is safety in numbers.

A bigger tribe is more likely to gain new territory and expand its power base.

Beginning with the Kinsey Report of 1948, masturbation was demystified and even discovered to be beneficial.

In 1966, Masters & Johnson (see photo) revealed the practice to be virtually universal in North America, cutting across all boundaries of sex, age, race, and social class.

Despite almost universal agreement by medical doctors that masturbation is a normal, safe, and common practice, masturbation continues to be associated with embarrassment, shame, and guilt, primarily due to societal perceptions of the act.

The Ancient World In the ancient world, depictions of male masturbation are relatively common.Simple Bondage”“ For some, the simple answer was to tie the masturbators up and prevent them from touching themselves. Leather-Jacket Corset”“ A corset made out of leather and steel to be used by boys, was created by Dr. It included a metal penis tube and “a steel band riveted to the shield permanently and attached to the body with an encircling steel band in such a manner that it cannot be removed and prevented access to the testicles.” The doctor once reported that “it closes with greatest accuracy, fits to perfection, and the boy wears it continuously without having succeeded even once in reaching his genitals or pulling the machine away from his body so as to produce friction on his genitals.” 3.Spike-lined Ring”“ Created to prevent the nocturnal emissions and any display of nighttime sexuality, spike-lined penis rings were created in the 1950’s by doctors in Boston. Spermatorrhea Bandage”“ These devices kept the penis tightly bound, thus making it impossible to have an erection. Stephenson Spermatic Truss”“ Patented in 1876, this device placed the penis in a pouch, and then stretched and tied down between the legs, which made erection impossible.During the 1950s and 1960s, with greater discussion of sex and sexuality and lessening conservative social attitudes along with greater medical research on the topic of masturbation,?the thought that the act of self-stimulation is associated with medical and mental illnesses dissipated.

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