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“It was horrible really – I just felt like I had to do it.” The pair went on to have unprotected anal sex outdoors, which ended when it was interrupted by a passing cyclist the jury was told.

After the passer-by had gone, Rowe was hoping they’d continue, but the complainant stopped him.

I have HIV LOL.” The alleged victim was diagnosed as positive in January 2016. ” In a phone call to another partner, who had insisted he use a condom, Rowe allegedly said: “I ripped the condom. You didn’t even know.” Rowe is charged with infecting four men with the virus and attempting to infect a further six between October 2015 and December 2016. Prosecuting, Caroline Carberry QC described his alleged crimes as “a cynical and deliberate campaign to infect other men with HIV”.It forms a single conurbation with Brighton and some smaller towns and villages running along the coast.As part of local government reform, Brighton and Hove were merged, to form the borough of Brighton and Hove in 1997. It’s claimed the 26-year-old tried to insist on unprotected sex with his partners, or sabotaged the condom during sex without the partner knowing.In a video statement to Lewes Crown Court, one alleged victim said he had been pressured into bareback outdoors sex and feared attack.

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