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At the end of the 10 minutes, you’ll be escorted out of the room, and your decision is permanent and unable to ever be changed.You’ll live for exactly that many years and then you’ll die.What if I put in 10 million years, and everyone I know put in 1,000 or less? But we’re so scared of death—wouldn’t I want to live a long, long time if I could?10 million years still means I’ll be dead for most of eternity—it’s just extending my moment of life to be far more substantial.What if, with enough time, humans were able to create a safe and blissful utopia to live in, with everyone monitored so nothing really bad can happen, and you were surrounded by people you love? With all that time, maybe instead of having a handful of close friends, maybe you have thousands? I’d probably type in 50,000 and then in the last few seconds delete a zero to make it 5,000 and then have my finger quivering on the zero button as the final seconds ticked down and end up not hitting it and leave the room with 5,000 years on my hands. Then I’d get my phone out and text everyone hope people chose something similar to me. If you did that, you’d have to cope with the question mark of what the universe actually is and what its fate is—that would suddenly be highly relevant to you. I’d put in at least 1,000 years—this one century we all get to live goes by pretty quickly, and knocking out nine more would be really fun.

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The true challenge is to figure out what you’d do without knowing anything about anyone else’s thinking.Or worse, what if at some point, on some space expedition, something goes wrong and your body gets flung out into space, and without being able to die, you float alone into nothingness for (or billions, or trillions, depending on the number you chose), with only your consciousness to keep you company?Death is scary, but there’s a ceiling on how scary things can get because of death.What would happen if life on Earth became unsustainable and there were no Chris Nolan to put other potential livable worlds nicely within our reach?If you can’t die, you might end up living of horrible suffering, waiting for that moment of death to finally come.

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