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Creates a few sample stored procedures and user-defined functions 5.

Allows guest accounts to connect to and read the db. The bottom of this file contains example usage such as -Select '2.0' as IP,maxmind Geo Remember that SQL UDFs and Stored Procedures are pre-compiled so the results will take a little longer the first time the function or procedure is run. */ On second thought, please just download the rest from the link above (the SQL file or the zip). The VBS checks the Max Mind site for some zips, downloads them to %TEMP%, unzips to %TEMP%, creates the necessary BCP format files, imports the data and deletes all unnecessary files.

The data is capable of returning longitude and latitude so you can also plug this in with Google Maps data (as seen here).

The SQL Script creates a new database called Max Mind Geo IP ' as well as some stored procs and UDFs.Columns are quoted by straight quotes Unlike the usual representation of IP addresses as four 8-bit numbers separated by dots, the file uses a representation of one 32-bit integer.In PHP you can convert between the two representations with functions ip2long (4x8bit to 32bit) and long2ip (back).Once Lee pointed this out, I was able to create a query which query a max of 3000 distinct recs/second as opposed to 6 recs/sec! The database has been indexed as needed and queries have been optimized a ton. Creates another bcp related stored procedure which creates the necessary indexes, defrags the indexes and shrinks the database.Without further ado, you can download the zip of import Maxmind Geo IP files here. import Max Mind Geo /* Created by Chrissy Le Maire ([email protected]) Website: ! The database is usually about the same size as the CSV (~55MB-65MB as of Jan07) - This stored proc is run each time the import Maxmind Geo file is run 4.

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