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People who haven’t gone through it are liable to conceive of depression as just feeling sad or down all the time, or needing to be cheered up.

Some people describe it as “feeling sad for no apparent reason.” Depression isn’t sadness or feeling down. Raw, emotional Except, it’s worse than that, because along with the pain is a sense of isolation; the sense that you are cut off from the rest of humanity, not for any one cause or defect, but simply because that’s who you are.

However we feel right now, we know that, sooner or later, we’ll be back in the frozen wastes.As I said, hold off for a date until you’re out of the depths of your depression.However, if you’ve already met someone, be sure to keep in contact with them, because nothing helps alleviate depression as much as human contact does, especially the feeling that you’ve improved someone’s life.I generally can manage it enough to get through life, and I’ve never had suicidal thoughts. That said, I have found a few strategies to be useful in managing my own depression.And though I’m not an expert in the subject by any stretch, I understand that many other people with far worse conditions have also found them to be helpful.

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