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Most of the book seems to be geared toward a little bit older age group.

Answer: First of all, we're updating our Winning Drills e Book to include more drills for very young players.

Basic partner passing - Have your players partner up, each group should have a ball.

Have them pass back and forth, starting with chest passes, progressing to bounce and over head passes.

Then you can progress to spin moves and behind the back.

This is a really simple yet fun drill that helps young players improve their dribbling skills.

One line rebounds, the other drives in with the ball and shoots.

The rebounder passes to the next person in the shooting line and goes to the end of the shooting line.

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2) Try these youth drills for both shooting and skills development: Basic lay up drill (with left and right hand) - For the standard lay up drill, simply form two lines on each side of the basket about 20 feet back.

Instruct your players to weave in and out of the cones, changing directions each time they reach a cone.

They can start with a basic cross over, switching hands when they reach each cone.

Once the receiver catches the pass, they should pivot with their knees bent facing the basket. Just be sure to focus on proper form (wide base, butt down, knees bent, arms extended to he side, etc).

You can also take a look at some of these youth drills from the Winning Drills ebook that you already have.

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