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Refugio wonders aloud if it is just the loveybirds’ mismatched pairing, or, is it that Luzma reminds Rocio of her own humble beginnings.Rocio says all of it is bugging her, including the interference (entrometido) on the part of the Padre.Ximena says that Isa is more audacious (mas atrevida) than Ximena realized. Vast Grounds of Rancho Buenaventura: Mariano and Cayatano stroll together talking about the recent visit by Padre Anselmo.They recollect the mutual friendship between the Padre’s family and the Albarran family and the eventual end that it came to, including Mariano’s dating of sister Teresa. Out of Mexico City Somewhere: Police cruisers drive along a rural road and turn into a cornfield.They turn him over – while one officer calls for an ambulance the other turns his body over. Dio comments on how it appears that Isa enjoys creating mayhem and committing murder. the only difference being Camila’s Cabana: Rodolfo knocks and when Luzma answers he says he is looking for Camila.

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Rodolfo starts to leave then hesitates – ranchero y banda music starts up – and then he asks about Natalia. Luzma sidesteps, ummm, and says, yes she is sort of her friend, ummmm, but tells him they can talk about this another day when Camila isn’t trying to rest.

Rocio’s Bedroom: Rocio is in bed, suffering from mumsy-meddlitis in the form of a big fat headache.

Refugio, family sage, asks her what is really bothering her since Padre Anselmo’s visit to request Rocio not oppose the Pablo Luzma lovebirdies?

Renata, a spirited woman, is treated cruelly by her mother and sister.

Falling in love with Jerónimo changes her life for the better, but his misguided quest to avenge his brother's death jeopardizes their relationship.

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