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It had been purely coincidental but it had been more enjoyable than he would have ever imagined.It happened when he was 21 years old and touring France with a school group.He assumed that the action they were referring to was among the gay customers.The gay scene was not his thing at all but he did recall his brief fling with a beautiful young gay in Paris, France.Was there really sucking and fucking going on in the store?He left that evening with a porn movie that featured couples at a health spa.He had stopped by this one video store occasionally to rent a movie.

Wally liked anal sex as he thought that it was the most erotic of all.He dated a number of girls whom he met both at work and the bar scene.Usually after softball games the team would stop at the local bar that sponsored the team for beers.Wally Johnson began visiting the videos booths of Adult Book and Novelty stores in the summer of 1970.He was 28 years old at the time and a very active single guy.

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